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Experience the WP difference with our dedicated inbound call center solutions.  

At WP, we arrived in the contact center space out of pure frustration. Being in the lead generation, and customer acquisition space for over 20 years, we’ve worked with organizations of all sizes from 1 person operations, to Fortune 100 companies…So, what we’ve been able to observe over time are some of the patterns of behavior that lead to the success or failure of a company. Plane and simple, those who do answer all inbound calls will succeed, and those who don’t will likely fail.

We eventually got fed up with running lead generation, customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of clients, and we would get the clients phone ringing consistently, and they for one reason or another would not answer the calls. What a massive downer!

Having a friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional human being answering your calls at all times is a difference maker. It’s a critical early interaction with your brand, it should be nothing but positive as this is just one building block in a long-term future that you hope to build with that prospect.

When you partner with us for your 24-7 inbound contact center needs this means that you gain a trusted partner committed to your business’s success.  Never again will you miss another important phone call, text message, or chat conversation with our 24-7 dedicated, professional inbound contact center services.

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