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Do you want to know the identity of your website’s visitors? If so, you need to use an anonymous website visitor identification tool. These tools are essential for any business that wants to track the performance of its website and identify potential customers. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using an anonymous website visitor identification tool and how it can help your business grow!

What Is Visitor Identification?

Account-based lead generation, also known as anonymous website visitor identification, is a method of identifying visitors by comparing their IP addresses to a list of corporate IP addresses. If IP matching doesn’t work, these companies can also use digital fingerprints. This is what visitor identification software gives:

Website Visit Information: Businesses that are visiting your website, the pages they have viewed, and the amount of time they have spent on your website.

Company Contact Information: contact details for key decision-makers in the visitor’s company.

Other company information: Other data like firmographic or technographic information is shared by some companies, allowing them to be more focused in their outreach.

anonymous website visitor identification

Why Is It Important?

Only 2% of people who visit a website fill out a form to tell us who they are. With visitor identification, businesses can reach out to other businesses and get more high-quality leads. It’s important because:

  • There is more competition in every industry, and any information that helps marketers figure out how likely a visitor is to buy is useful in a B2B setting.
  • Traditional web analytics and lead generation tools don’t give enough information about a potential prospect’s company or contact information.
  • Tools that track who visits a website let businesses reach out to 98 percent of visitors who didn’t qualify as good leads before.

Benefits Of Website Visitor Identification

  • Businesses can learn a lot about their potential customers by using software to track who visits their websites.
  • It is also an important stage in the process of developing a digital campaign strategy. It assists in the development of a proper digital marketing strategy by assisting with the creation of effective online ads. The technological or firmographic characteristics of a company’s visitors, for example, may assist that business understand more about the firms it attracts through its marketing efforts.
  • Finding out which companies are visiting and what materials they are interested in can help you close more business and shorten your sales cycle.

What Are Its Use Cases?

Account-Based Marketing

B2B marketers often use website visitor data to target leads in account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. ABM tries to find accounts that are more likely to buy so that the marketing budget can be used more effectively. Knowing the visitors’ businesses, how to get in touch with decision-makers, and what they are interested in can help marketing teams reach this goal.

People who come to your site also spend time looking up information on the Internet. This is called “intent data” by most people. By putting together intent data and visitor data, you can find out more about what your visitors are interested in.

Knowing, for example, that a certain company is on your website but not on the website of a competitor shows that there is more interest. If this visit is also going to the websites of some of your competitors, it might be a good idea to talk to this visitor’s company about how your company is better than those competitors.

For example, Net factor, a company that helps websites identify visitors anonymously, teamed up with Bombara, a company that helps websites understand what visitors are interested in, to study how visitors use the content.

Businesses can use this feature to find out how these accounts use content across the web and find companies that are interested in both their category and their solutions.

Tracking Existing Clients And Identify Churn Risk

By keeping track of the visitors who are already customers and the pages they look at, businesses can figure out what they want and send them the right campaigns at the right time. With this strategy, businesses can increase each customer’s customer lifetime value (CLV).

What Are Example Case Studies?


E-Careers is an online learning platform that gives people all over the world access to business courses, training programs, and technologies.

They wanted to improve their business-to-business reach and learn more about the businesses that were interested in their products, so they used the visitor identification tool from Leadforensics.

With this tool, they were able to find out which of the larger businesses that visited their website were enterprise businesses and then target these leads. As a result, two big deals are done and several more are on the way.


ProspectSoft is a company that makes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Its main market is the SME B2B market, and it integrates with the four most popular SME accounting solutions.

They were employing typical web analytics tools and attracting a lot of people to the website, yet revenue was not growing as a consequence. They were able to determine which firms visited their website and which leads were hot and cold using Spotler’s tool.

ProspectSoft says that the number of leads that turned into sales has gone up by a huge amount because of visitor identification.

anonymous website visitor identification

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, First, it is possible to identify website visitors anonymously. This can be done through the use of cookies or fingerprinting techniques.

Second, there are benefits to doing so – namely, the ability to better understand your audience and create a more personalized user experience.

Finally, while there are some risks associated with anonymous website visitor identification, they can be mitigated by taking appropriate precautions. All in all, if you’re looking for a way to get a better understanding of who’s visiting your site and how they interact with it, anonymous website visitor identification is definitely worth considering.

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