Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

Let’s have a quick conversation about why controlling the narrative when it comes to your business profile listing information or “digital knowledge” as some others call it is so critical.

First off: Digital knowledge…What is it?”  It’s the relevant information regarding your business including location addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, the products and services you offer and customer reviews as well.

To simplify this even further, It’s what is being said about your business in public places like Google, Yelp, Merchant Circle, FourSquare and numerous others. These are the places where your potential customers are searching for you in real-time.

Why is it so important that you take control over this information?
Because this info is what motivates any potential customer to do business with you or to not do business with you. If this information is incorrect, that potential customer will move on to your competitor, if you have a negative review that hasn’t been responded to that customer is going to move on quick….

Before spending any money on paid advertising, remember how important it is to have this in order first.

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