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If you’re a company owner, you already know how important internet presence is. You want your website to appear on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), and one of the most efficient methods is to be included in the Google 3 Pack listing. In this article, we will discuss what the Google 3 Pack is and how you can appear in it!


The first three results that come up when you search for a local business on Google are called the “Google 3-Pack.” The best local business search results are shown in Google’s 3-Pack format.

The 3-Pack, which is also called the “local pack,” is shown with a map and some basic information about each business. The 3-Pack is above organic search results, which makes it a great place for local businesses to try to reach people who are looking for something in their area.

When a user clicks on a 3-Pack link, they are taken to a list of twenty businesses, with the one they chose at the top. Then, users can click on a business’s link to go to its website, call it, or get directions.

When deciding which businesses will be in the 3-Pack, Google looks at the search terms and location of the user. Factors include how important it is to the business, how visible it is, and how close it is to the user.

It’s necessary to have a Google Business Profile (GBP), which used to be called Google My Business. Businesses that optimize their GBP listings seem to have a better chance of being featured in the Google 3-Pack.

The fact that the 3-Pack is at the top of Google’s search results gives the impression that Google “recommends” the businesses shown. Ranking in the top three spots on Google is a clear way for businesses to get a lot of traffic.

The 3-Pack is one of three ways a business can show up on the first page of Google results for relevant local searches. The other two are local PPC and local SEO.

Google 3 Pack Listing

How Have Local Business Listings On Google Changed?

Before, this feature had between 5 and 7 business listings. As a result, there may be a lot of local businesses in the search results.

Google decided recently to only show the top three results. The first three results show you the businesses that match your search the best. When you change where you are, the search results will show you the closest businesses.

Google has changed both the number of results and how they look. This means that when you look at the local 3-pack listing, you will only see the address of a business. Unlike previous versions, there is no other way to get in touch.

You have to click on the company’s listing to find out more about it. When you click on the listing, you are taken to a page where your chosen business is shown along with a few others.

This means that even if leads don’t click on your ad at first, your business can still be shown.

That’s why you need to make sure your listing is optimized so you can reach more valuable leads.

5 Tips For Ranking In The Google 3 Pack Listing

If you want your business to rank in the coveted Google 3 Pack listing, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.

See If You’re In The Top 20

You should do a situation analysis before you try to improve your listing. It’s important to find out if your company is one of the top 20 in its field. Depending on where you live, the order of the top 20 businesses is different, but they are all on the list.

The order of the businesses basically depends on how close the user is to your business. If you are in the top 20, your efforts to optimize your list are going well.

Fill Out Your Google Business Profile Page Entirely

When people look for your local business, they want to know more about it. This helps them decide if your business is a good fit for them. Add information about your business to a business listing to move up in the local SEO three-pack.

Fill out your listing so people can find out more about your business. Include your current address, how to reach you, and any other important information. Make sure that your business hours are up to date.

When you add your business hours to your listing, leads will see phrases like “opens soon,” “open,” and “closing soon.” It’s important for them to see the right times so they can come to your business at the right times.

Get Reviews On Your Google Profile

People look at reviews to decide if they want to go to a local business or not. In fact, almost 84% of people give online reviews and personal recommendations the same amount of weight. Since your audience cares about reviews, you should use them to get people to come to your business.

Also, the more reviews you get, the more people will see you. When people see your star rating in the local SEO three-pack, they will be more interested in what your business has to offer. If your listing has good reviews, more people will look at it.

This will make people more likely to trust your company and visit your website.

Garner Locally Relevant Links And Backlinks To Boost Visibility

Building links is a key part of SEO. You want to build links to boost your website’s ranking. As a local business, you should try to get links that are useful to people in your area.

These are links to your site from the sites of other local businesses. It gives more people the chance to find out about your business. Sponsoring good causes or community events will help you connect with people in the area.

Leads will see the name of your company, click on the link to your website, and learn more about it. Also, this will make the brand more well-known. The most important thing is to get people to know about your company. You’d like more people to come to your store.

This could lead to more positive reviews of your business, which would be good for your local listing. You will also need to build backlinks in addition to links that are relevant to your area. Backlinks are the best way to boost the ranking of your website.

It helps the site’s natural ranking. Getting backlinks increases the credibility and authority of your business. This will help you build a good Google listing, which will let you get into the SEO top three.

Even if people don’t look at the local SEO 3-pack, your website will still rank well organically, so leads can find you.

Google 3 Pack Listing

Build Your Social Media Presence

Local businesses can get a lot out of social media. It gives you the chance to connect with customers in your area. If you use social media, you’ll be able to build stronger relationships with your customers.

Your Google ranking will improve because of how active you are on social media. People who talk to your business on social media can be sent to your site. This will bring in more traffic, which will help your organic and Google rankings.

Your number of reviews can also go up if you use social media. When people talk about your business on social media sites like Facebook, it can help your reputation. The more satisfied your leads are with your business, the more people will click on your Google listing.

Final Thoughts

 It is evident that having a Google 3 Pack listing can impact your business in a positive way. Not only does it give you more exposure to potential customers, but it also helps you stand out from the competition. If you’re not currently taking advantage of this valuable real estate, now is the time to start.

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