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What’s the best way capitalize on a satisfied customer?

By asking that satisfied customer to sound off on any of the popular 3rd party reviewing websites like Yelp, Merchantcircle, Foursquare, Google and many others. Customer reviews are the best way to solidify your online reputation as a trusted place to do business and ultimately spend money.

It’s not exactly easy to get happy customers to place a positive review: unfortunately, customers who’ve had a bad experience are more motivated to post about their experience and this underscores the critical nature of being proactive when it comes to your customer review strategy.

Just Ask and You Shall Receive

The person-to-person plea for a positive review is incredibly effective. Some conservative estimates suggest that close to 8 out of 10 of those asked will follow through whereas asking for a review via email may require much more effort.

Either way, you need to make the attempt sooner rather than later. If you’re going to ask customers for reviews in person or by email, we strongly encourage you to do so only if you provided them with an outstanding customer experience. If a customer is left unhappy, you may want to figure out what it is that you can do to fix that.  Make sure you respond to all reviews good or bad promptly as this influences other potential customer’s perception of your business.

If you can effectively establish a genuine online customer review strategy, over the long-run you will be able to reduce the money you spend on paid digital marketing….That’s how powerful this medium is.

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