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Google Map Pack, Google 3-Pack, Google Snack Pack Ranking Strategies.

When owning and operating a business large or small, appearing in Google’s 3 Pack is a close equivalent to winning the lottery, here is the reason why. The name of the game for any business is increasing foot traffic, calls, leads and sales and being included in Google’s 3-Pack can increase everything mentioned ten-fold.

What is the Google 3-Pack?

The Google Local Pack is a section of Google’s search results that displays local business related to your query embedded in the search results. Whenever you do a local search, Google will display three local businesses that will usually answer your search query.

The Google 3-Pack was unveiled on 10/6/2015 when the Google 7-Pack was cut down to just three local results.

The Google 3-Pack and the Google 7-Pack are different in a few ways beyond just the reduced number of listings that display. The Google 3-Pack focuses on links back to your brand’s business sites, rather than just the Google+ pages. Some minor adjustments were also made in how information is now displayed.

Google 3 Pack Ranking

What can I do to increase my odds of appearing in the Google 3-Pack?

You can optimize both your website and your Google My Business page in a way that will increase your chances of being displayed in the Google Local 3-Pack. Below we’ve put together some info that will enable you to get the best possible result with Google 3-Pack.


  • Embed your Google My Business listing from Google Maps
  • Add NAP (Business Name, Address & Phone) to your website wrapped in Schema, and preferably JSON – LD Schema
  • Add photos to your website using geo location related meta data
  • Add outbound links from your website to local business resources using Google Maps “Nearby” recommended businesses, typically consists of restaurants, bars, and hotels
  • Add outbound links to local/state government websites that are related to your specific industry
  • include your exact business address that matches your GMB listing, in the sidebar of your site so that it’s dynamically published across your entire websites


  • Use keyword rich content in the “About Me” description section of your business Google+ profile
  • Add primary targeted keyword phrase in the Tagline of the Story section Google+ profile
  • Add your business category to the title of GMB listing title
  • Categorize your GMB listing by selecting the right primary category, and then include all relevant secondary categories
  • Complete your GMB listing 100%


  • Build highly authoritative and relevant back links to your website, location pages, and your GMB / Google Maps listing
  • Syndicate NAP citations across the web, focus on major local traffic sources.

These factors will combine to give you a highly authoritative local search strategy and will assist you in better ranking your business in the Google 3-Pack.

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