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Your Website + Your Digital Knowledge – Know the Facts
Having both a properly optimized website (we prefer WordPress) along with the 24/7 management of your digital knowledge across the internet landscape is something not only pretty powerful if set up correctly but now it’s become absolutely mandatory. You must do everything possible to make your relevant business profile information more searchable by machines everywhere. If you don’t define yourself, someone else will.

With the recent popularity of devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home it’s become more and more clear that voice searches are now the way of the future and businesses must update their websites to be easily searchable by the algorithms running these devices.

A new feature launched in Fall 2017 is called “knowledge tags” and these tags assist businesses in making their websites and relevant profile information more accessible to web crawlers and other types of query services. These knowledge tags work by storing all the most important information of a business, like products, services, telephone numbers, location address etc…in the cloud thus enabling websites to be more searchable by the engines.

When these engines look at a website, they see structured data, and they need to see that in the form of Schema. If they don’t know as much as they can about a business, this means fewer clicks, fewer calls, and fewer requests for directions to your business. It has become imperative that websites are built for the eyes of machines.

What is Digital Knowledge?
Digital knowledge is relevant information regarding your business including location addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, and services offered across numerous online channels where customers are searching for you in real-time. It’s extremely important that your business listing profile is consistent and updated frequently across the web

About WarmProspect
We put business on the map. The WarmProspect Knowledge Dashboard empowers companies to easily manage your digital knowledge in the cloud and sync it to over 100+ online review sites, social networks, maps, apps, and search engines across the WarmProspect PowerListings Network. Our cutting-edge dashboard creates new digital customer interactions that boost your brand awareness driving foot traffic, and increasing sales.

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